BARBERPOLE 2.0 - Premium Jersey (Pre-Order by 4th December)

RM 289.00

Along with our all new Silky lightweight, breathable fabrics, we have adjusted our tailor cut measurements to make it a tad more sleek and aero - something you can never get enough of. The newly inspired template consists of a slightly higher collar to give you that sophisticated look, an all new gripper system, and a thick Italian mesh for your sleeves.

Quality is never cheap and we just refuse to drive the price up, hence doing a pre-order helps us give you the best quality for the least amount of buck spent.

Pre-Order Closing Date : 4th December 2021
Jersey Arrival : 13th January 2022

About Barberpole Collection

Not for the light hearted. For Psyclepaths who dare to stand out and not give a toss what others think. The tailored cutting &  top notch quality will definitely be turning heads. Just keep your head straight and don't mind the attention.

Definition of Barberpole - "A pilot jargon that refers to flying an aircraft at the maximum safe velocity. The airspeed Indicator on an aircraft features a red/white striped needle resembling a barber pole."
Well lucky for you we don't have a 'barberpole' on a bike. If we did, we're pretty sure you're gonna get there with this collection.