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Who We Are

DEFT was born during a time of crisis – The COVID-19 pandemic. A time of challenge, where resilience and fortitude was tested. A brand for people who build their world around their deep rooted passion for cycling. For those who feel like when the going gets tough, cycling is their solitude – ride like you got you nothing to lose, which later created our motto, LOSE NOTHING.

A homegrown, Malaysian-made brand of cycling apparel and products. Made by cyclists for cyclists. As the current market is filled with International brands, we wanted to create a brand that Malaysians felt proud to wear and support – to do our part we do not believe in over-pricing our products hence operating with ‘less moving parts’, making our products affordable yet exclusive. No compromise on quality and comfort. The two factors any cyclist will tell you is key. Our pieces are limited in stock, no reruns, no restocks and never the same designs.

DEFT aspires to be more than just a line-up of products and apparel but also to build a community. That’s why we also collaborate with other local brands and artists when producing our designs and also the reason why we’ll soon be sharing tales of Malaysians along the cycle path.

Lose Nothing.

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